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The Commonwealth has two ways to prove a DUI charge in Massachusetts.  The charge can be presented with evidence of operation of a motor vehicle, on a public way, and with evidence that the operator either:

  • Was under the Influence of intoxicating liquor; or
  • Had a blood alcohol content of .08 or above at the time of operation.

In the event of a breath test, the Commonwealth will often move forward on both theories. If you find yourself facing such a charge, contact a Lawyer for DUI who has experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at today.

Worcester Drug Attorney, MA

If you are charged with conspiracy to violate the drug laws in Massachusetts, the penalty is the same as the underlying drug crime that is the focus of the conspiracy.  Conspiracy involves:

  • An agreement or plan between two or more persons;
  • With the purpose of the agreement to do something unlawful; &
  • Where the accused joined the conspiracy knowing of the unlawful plan and with the intent to carry it out.

If you or someone you know is facing a conspiracy charge, it is important to have a drug attorney who has the experience to help you.  Contact Worcester Drug Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at today.

Assault and Battery Cases, Dedham, MA

Assault and Battery Cases may be presented to a jury under two separate theories.  The first theory involves an intentional assault and battery, and the second involves reckless conduct.  To prove a reckless assault and battery case, the Commonwealth must present evidence that:

  • The defendant engaged in actions which caused bodily injury to an alleged victim; &
  • The defendant’s actions amounted to reckless conduct, which is conduct that is greater than negligence.

For those facing assault and battery cases, it is important to retain an attorney who has handled hundreds of such charges.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at today.

Mass DUI Laws-Worcester, MA

Massachusetts DUI Laws call for significant periods of license loss for repeat offenders.  In addition to license loss, a conviction for a repeat DUI offender may include:

  • Incarceration;
  • Lenghty terms of probation;
  • In-patient treatment programs.

If you are facing a DUI in Massachusetts, call an attorney who has the knowledge and understanding of the Massachusetts DUI Laws.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at today.

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