Criminal Attorney to Work For You

Whenever you are charged with a criminal offense, it is important to choose a criminal attorney who is going to fight for you from arraignment through trial. In determining who you should go to battle with, take a few suggestions from an experienced criminal attorney.

First of all, age should not be a determinative factor in choosing an appropriate criminal attorney for you. A common misconception is that with age comes experience and knowledge. While this is generally accurate, many young attorneys are hungry and are focused on getting the best possible results for their clients. With youth comes energy and drive, so don’t shy away from a criminal attorney just because they appear to be young.

Similarly, it is often helpful to find a criminal attorney who was formerly an assistant district attorney. The reason is that former prosecutors know what it takes to prove a case, and what evidence needs to be presented. As a result, with the knowledge of what is needed to prove a case comes with it the knowledge of how to knock a case down.

Finally, when looking for a criminal attorney, look for one who is willing to listen and who believes in you and the case. Don’t settle for an attorney who is going to talk down to you or who isn’t going to listen to your concerns. Don’t hesitate, contact criminal attorney Shane W. Surrette today.

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