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If you are charged with a home invasion in Massachusetts, the potential penalty is severe.  The statute carries with it a sentence of not less than 20 years imprisonment and up to life.  The court may impose probation on a home invasion charge, but if there is a violation and a sentence of imprisonment is imposed, it will be for at least 20 years.

To prove a home invasion in Mass., the Commonwealth must show that there was entry upon the dwelling house of another; at a time that the defendant knew or had reason to know that someone was present in the dwelling; while armed with a dangerous weapon upon entry; and finally that force was used upon any person within the dwelling, or any person within was threatened with the use of force, or injury was caused to any person within the dwelling.

It is important to note that the dangerous weapon element doesn’t require that the weapon be a firearm or a knife, it can be any item if intentionally used in a manner that death or serious bodily injury might result from its manner of use.

As a result, contact a criminal defense attorney Massachusetts today.  Your freedom may depend upon it.

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