Criminal Law Lawyer: OUI Roadblock

The Massachusetts State Police are running a DUI roadblock this weekend in Worcester County.
These roadblocks are run on secondary roadways, and are typically located in the area of Routes 9, 12, or 20.
A DUI roadblock is constitutional if the police conduct it according to strict guidelines and each officer at the roadblock follows these strict guidelines.  For instance, it is common for the plan to include the stopping of every vehicle that enters the roadblock, unless traffic gets backed up to a certain location.  If you are out and stopped at this or any other roadblock in Massachusetts, there will be a greeting officer who identifies himself and declare that this is a roadblock.

If the officer identifies any factors consistent with impairment, he will direct the vehicle to a secondary area (typically a parking lot), where another officer will look for additional signs of alcohol impairment.  If the secondary officer believes the operator is driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he will make an arrest.

If you or someone you know is arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol after being stopped at a roadblock, contact a Criminal Law Lawyer with experience handling roadblock cases.
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