Drunk Driving Attorney Massachusetts

As the fourth of July approaches, most of us will be attending celebrations throughout the Commonwealth.  It is important to remember that if you consume alcohol and operate a motor vehicle, you may face the potential of being arrested for drunk driving.

Drunk driving, of course, is a misnomer for the OUI statute which punishes anyone who operates a motor vehicle on a public way after consuming enough intoxicating liquor to reduce his or her ability to operate the vehicle safely.   This means that if your alertness, judgment and ability to respond promptly have been lessened by the consumption of alcohol, you would fit within the parameters of the statute.  The amount of alcohol necessary obviously varies from person to person.

As a result if you or someone you know is charged with drunk driving over the fourth of July or anytime throughout the year, contact a drunk driving attorney who will fight for you.  How much are your livelihood and your license worth to you.

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