DUI Attorney Advice on Drunk Driving Arrest

We have reached the end of the summer and as the warm weather fades, there will be a lot of cookouts and Labor Day celebrations. As with any celebration, alcohol is likely to be served or will simply be made available.

As a result, it is common to have a few drinks with your friends and family as you relax and unwind. What is important to keep in mind is that after each drink you consume, your alertness, judgment, and ability to respond promptly get lessened. This is what the standard is for operating under the influence of alcohol under Massachusetts law, according to Worcester dui attorney Shane W. Surrette.

You simply don’t have to be drunk, unconscious, or falling over to be arrested and charged with operating under the influence. With a low standard to be charged with operating under the influence, and with common misconceptions about what it actually means to be under the influence, many people will be arrested in the coming weeks after enjoying end of summer celebrations.

With this in mind, just because you are arrested for operating under the influence doesn’t mean that you must run into court and admit to the charge because you believe that the evidence is stacked against you. When you admit to an OUI-first offense, a standard disposition in Worcester County is a continuance without a finding. This means that you admit to sufficient facts to support a guilty finding, but a guilty finding will never enter if you complete certain conditions.

The conditions will include an alcohol education awareness program plus its program fee, as well as fees and fines in the realm of $600, with a further $65 per month supervised probation fee. You will also lose your license for 45-90 days, which is in addition to the suspension pursuant to the breathalyzer test.

The fees, fines, license loss, and conditions will only get more severe based on the number of prior admissions/convictions on your record. As a result, it is important in most situations to suit up and proceed to jury trial.

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