DUI Massachusetts: What it Means For You (1st Offense)

OUI Penalties:
First Offense
If convicted of DUI Massachusetts, first time offenders may be sentenced under M.G. L. c. 90 s. 24D, which includes:
  •  probation for not more than 2 years for dui Massachusetts;
  •  assignment to a driver alcohol education awareness program (usually sixteen weeks, one night per week), as a condition of probation;
  •  $600 in fees and fines payable to the court;
  •  $65 dollars per month in supervised probation fees;
  •  45-90 day license loss; 210 day license loss if driver under 21; and
  •  ability to obtain a hardship license upon proper showing of need for education or employment purposes (hardship license is effective for 12 hour periods, and is typically available within 3 business days of a disposition with a monetary down-payment of around $400).

If convicted and not sentenced under M.G.L. c. 90 s. 24D, the potential penalty includes:

  • up to 2.5 years to the House of Correction and/or not less that $500 nor more than $5,000 in fines for dui Massachusetts; and
  • a 1 year loss of license, with a hardship license available after 3 months.  (Note: the 3 month period is in addition to any time still remaining on the license revocation due to a breathalyzer test refusal).

Furthermore, if you take the breathalyzer test and fail (meaning anything over a .08) you will lose your license for 30 days at the outset for dui massachusetts. If you refuse the breathalyzer test on a first offense dui Massachusetts, you will lose your license for 6 months at the outset. If you are 18-21 years old and blow .02 or greater, in addition to the 30 day license loss there is an additional 180 day loss. Also, if you are 18-21 and refuse the breathalyzer test, you will lose your license for 3 years plus an additional youth alcohol program suspension for dui massachusetts.  (Note that if a 24D disposition is imposed or elected for an individual 21 or older, the ability to obtain a hardship license can be achieved even though the 6 month period has not been served). It helps to have a Massachusetts drunk driving attorney to provide you with advice.

The above license concerns are further enhanced if you have a commercial driver’s license for dui massachusetts. For example, there is no hardship relief available for a chemical test refusal suspension relative to a commercial driver’s license. Additionally, there is a 1 year commercial driver’s license loss for a chemical test refusal on a first offense dui Massachusetts, and an additional 1 year commercial license loss upon conviction or assignment to the 24D program. An experienced Mass dui lawyer can help your chances of beating the charges.

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