Faced w/Drug Charges-What to Do? by Criminal Attorney Shane Surrette

What to do When Faced With Drug Charges Today in Light of the

State Drug Lab Scandal

If you are facing drug charges today, you may feel that the deck is stacked against you. Not only are there mandatory minimum sentences, but there are also enhanced penalties based on drug weight, according to criminal attorney Shane W. Surrette of Worcester, MA. For example, if you are in possession under the law of 18-36 grams of cocaine, this is sufficient weight for trafficking, calling for a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 2 years.

Possessing anything less than 18 grams of cocaine would be insufficient for trafficking and would likely subject you to an allegation of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.  Depending on the particular subsection you are charged under, this could call for either a mandatory minimum sentence of one year incarceration or no mandatory minimum sentence at all.

The differences referenced above are obviously significant, and with recent allegations that a chemist at the Massachusetts crime lab was not even testing substances, and was making substances test positive for drugs when drugs weren’t even present,  your confidence in the judicial system may be compromised.

As a result, it is important for you to hire a Worcester Criminal Drug Lawyer who is going to challenge the Commonwealth’s testing procedures, and all quality assurance procedures to make sure that your rights are scrupulously protected.  Don’t hesitate, you future depends on it.

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