It is important to remember that to be convicted of OUI in Massachusetts, under the operating under the influence prong of the statute, you do not have to be drunk or unconscious.  It is sufficient if the Commonwealth shows operation of a motor vehicle at a time the person’s alertness, judgment, and ability to respond promptly are lessened by the consumption of alcohol.

The amount of alcohol necessary to reduce someone’s alertness and ability to respond promptly differs between individuals.  Many factors also play a role in reducing ones alertness and ability to respond promptly.  For instance, whether food has recently been consumed is important, as well as, the quantity and timing of the consumption of alcohol.  Additionally, a person’s height and weight will also play a role in how much alcohol is necessary to reduce someone’s judgment.

As a result, if you or someone you know is charged with OUI in Massachusetts, after consuming alcohol and operating a motor vehicle, contact a MA OUI Lawyer who will fight for you.  The consequences are too severe to do anything less.

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