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According to Shane W. Surrette, one of the most experienced of all Massachusetts DUI Lawyers, being charged with an OUI is one of the most life altering charges that an individual can face. With the potential for jail and probation with significant conditions, the impact can be felt for many years to come. For instance, a conviction or an admission on a first offense for OUI for an adult brings with it the potential for jail time, or in the alternative, probation for up to two years, with the mandatory completion of an alcohol education awareness program.

The probation on a first offense also carries with it a supervision fee of $65 per month, as well as, the cost of the program, and $600 in fees and fines. Beyond probation and its accompanying hardship is license loss.

For example, if convicted of an OUI first offense, an adult will face a 45-90 day license loss.  Similarly, if there was a breathalyzer test refusal on a first offense, then under Massachusetts law there is a 180 day license loss. It is worth noting that the 45-90 day license loss runs from and after the expiration of the 180 day period.

Furthermore, if there is a breathalyzer test taken and failed then there is a 30 day license loss for an adult on a first offense, as well as the 45-90 day loss upon conviction or admission. Also, whenever the license suspension period ends on an OUI charge, there is an accompanying reinstatement fee through the registry of motor vehicles. As a result, if you or someone you know is charged with OUI, go with one of the most experienced of all Massachusetts DUI Lawyers, Shane W. Surrette.

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