NEW MASSACHUSETTS DRUG LAWS, by Defense Lawyer Shane W. Surrette

Under the new three strikes legislation that has recently been passed in Massachusetts, there have been changes to the drug laws.  Notably, the minimum weights for trafficking in cocaine, heroin, and marijuana have changed. Formerly, possession of 14 grams of cocaine, but less than 28 was considered trafficking, with a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years to state prison, according to criminal defense lawyer Shane W. Surrette.

With the passage of the three strikes legislation, possession of 18 grams of cocaine is the minimum trafficking weight for cocaine, with between 18-36 grams calling for a mandatory prison sentence of 2 years.

Similarly, the minimum amounts necessary for heroin trafficking charges have been increased. Previously, possession of at least 14 grams of heroin was necessary to support a trafficking charge, but with the new legislation, 18 grams is now necessary to support such a charge. Trafficking in heroin between 18-36 grams will provide a prison sentence of at least 3.5 years, which is down from the 5 year minimum mandatory sentence that the statute previously called for.

Furthermore, the minimum amount necessary to be charged with trafficking in marijuana has been upgraded from 50 lbs. to 100-2,000 lbs.  The minimum mandatory sentence has also been downgraded from 3 years to 2 years. As a result, it is important to make sure that you hire the Worcester Drug Lawyer with experience in these cases to fight for your rights.

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