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If you refuse a breathalyzer test in Massachusetts, and you are charged with OUI, the length of your driver’s license refusal suspension will depend on the number of prior offenses.  For instance, it you refuse the breathalyzer test:

  • On a First Offense, the Refusal Suspension Period is 180 days;
  • With a Prior Admission or Conviction, the Refusal Suspension is 3 years; and
  • If You Have Two Prior Convictions, the Refusal Suspension is 5 years.

It is also important to note that any license suspension resulting from a conviction on the OUI charge will be in addition to the refusal suspension.  As a result, if you are facing an OUI allegation, it is important to have an experienced OUI Lawyer who will help you through the process. Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at [email protected] today.

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