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The charge of OUI in Massachusetts carries with it harsh potential penalties.  For instance, a typical first offense disposition includes probation with the entrance into an alcohol education awareness program, and a $65 month supervised probation fee. Additionally, such a disposition will also carry with it $600 in statutory fees and fines and a license loss anywhere from 45-90 days.  This license loss is in addition to either the breath test refusal suspension, or the failure suspension.

A typical second offender disposition includes probation for two years with statutory fees and fines and entrance into a 14 day residential alcohol program.  There is also a $65 month probation fee and a 2 year license loss.  Again this license loss is in addition to the breath test failure or refusal suspension.

A third offender disposition will typically carry a split sentence with a period of incarceration followed by probation upon release.  For example, the mandatory minimum incarceration period is 150 days, and courts will oftentimes hold 1-2 years over someone upon release.  This would mean that if you are on probation upon release, and there is a year suspended sentence remaining, and you violate probation, the court could sentence you to a year of incarceration.  Finally, the license loss is for 8 years on a third offense conviction for OUI.

As a result, if you or someone you know is charged with OUI in Worcester County, contact a Worcester MA OUI Attorney who will fight for you.  Start the process, make the call today.

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