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DUI Massachusetts-Worcester, Mass.

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A person charged with certain enumerated offenses under Mass. Gen. Laws. c. 276 section 58A may be held for 120 days pending trial.  An operating under the influence charge may qualify under the statute if there are three prior convictiions against the accused.  This means that in Massachusetts if you are:

  • Charged with operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor;
  • Have three prior convictions for operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor; &
  • Are found dangerous by a judge, you may be held without bail awaiting trial, pursuant to the dangerousness statute.

Commonwealth v. Dayton, SJC 12213 (2017).  If you are charged with a DUI in Massachusetts, contact the DUI Massachusetts Lawyer who can assist you at a dangerousness hearing and beyond.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at 774-479-3005 or at [email protected] today.