My clients are not left alone to deal with the authorities.

Aggressive Defense: Case Outcomes

Clients of the Law Office of Shane W. Surrette will work with an attorney who provides experienced, aggressive defense when they are facing allegations of any type of criminal offense in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Read here for a sample of the types of cases and the results I fought for and won. While I do not guarantee the outcome of your case, I will guarantee you will never have to deal with the authorities by yourself.

Worcester Superior Court

  • Continuance Without a Finding for Leicester resident charged with 126 counts of vandalizing property.
  • Dismissal on conspiracy to traffic in cocaine indictment against Worcester resident.
  • Not Guilty jury verdict for Worcester resident on attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and witness intimidation case.
  • Armed robbery case Dismissed in Worcester Superior Court.
  • Webster resident found Not Guilty of unarmed robbery on a person over 60, as well as assault and battery causing bodily injury on a person over 60, after three-day jury trial.
  • Worcester resident found Not Guilty after jury trial of possession of firearm, and possession of firearm  during the course of a felony.
  • Probation for Worcester resident on home invasion charge.
  • Armed career criminal sentence enhancement Dismissed for Fitchburg resident Indicted for Possession of a sawed-off shotgun.
  • Defended several cases involving police-initiated phone wiretaps.

Essex Superior Court

  • Home invasion, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and burglary with an assault on an occupant counts of an indictment Dismissed after hearing on a motion to dismiss.

Worcester District Court

  • Dismissal for Springfield resident charged with indecent assault and battery.
  • Not Guilty Jury Verdict for Shrewsbury resident charged with indecent assault and battery, and assault and battery.
  • Case Dismissed against a Worcester resident charged with aggravated assault and battery against their intimate partner.
  • Worcester resident found Not Guilty on an OUI-2d offense after jury trial. Allegations included the driver being involved in a motor vehicle accident, where their vehicle struck and subsequently split a light pole causing their vehicle to be totaled.
  • Worcester resident acquitted after jury trial on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The case involved allegations of the client running over another person with a motor vehicle, causing significant injury.
  • Worcester resident found Not Guilty of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. After a jury trial that included the testimony of three police officers, the client was acquitted on all counts. If convicted, a jail sentence would have been imposed.
  • Not Guilty Jury Verdict for a Worcester resident charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The case involved allegations of the client throwing a lit cigarette at a person in an alleged road rage incident. If found guilty, the defendant would have been incarcerated.
  • Attained Not Guilty findings for a 19-year-old client charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, and threatening to commit a crime. The case involved allegations of the use of a knife, and if found guilty, the young person would have faced incarceration and potential deportation proceedings.
  • Narcotics case Dismissed against a Worcester resident charged with possession to distribute Class A+B drugs, as well as a school zone violation, and conspiracy to violate the drug Laws. Had the case not been dismissed pursuant to a motion highlighting an improper search warrant application, the client would have faced several years in jail.
  • Case Dismissed against a Worcester resident charged with assault and battery and Intimidation of a Witness against their former intimate partner. Had the client been convicted after trial, they would have faced a lengthy jail sentence.
  • Kept an individual out of jail after a violation of probation hearing, where the client had seven previous restraining orders against them, and three prior probation violations. The client was on probation for assault and battery and threatening to commit a crime of violence against their ex-intimate partner. The allegations of violation were against the same alleged victim, and after hearing the client was re-probated.
  • Advocated for and achieved a Dismissal prior to arraignment for a 23-year-old client charged with shoplifting. Since the matter was dismissed at the preliminary hearing prior to arraignment, the allegation will never show up on the young person’s criminal record.
  • Gained a Dismissal for a young client charged with knowingly being present where heroin is kept. If convicted of the allegation, the client would have gone to jail.

Leominster District Court

  • Argued for and achieved the Reversal of a Felony Conviction for a client who received the conviction in the early 1980s. The conviction was preventing the client from obtaining a firearm license.

Westborough District Court

  • Domestic assault and battery case between husband and wife Dismissed. The allegations involved the husband punching and holding the wife against her will. A conviction would have significantly impacted the client’s future job opportunities.

Belchertown District Court

  • Jury trial on aggravated assault and battery case involving a fight on the streets of Amherst, near the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After deliberating for several hours, the jury returned a verdict on a lesser offense.

East Brookfield District Court

  • Not Guilty jury verdicts on all counts in East Brookfield District Court for Worcester resident charged with strangulation, assault and battery, intimidation of a witness, and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Sex Offense Registry Board (SORB) Panel

  • Represented a 63-year-old in re-classification proceedings before the Sex Offender Registry Board.
  • Represented client from the western part of state at Sex Offender Registry Classification Hearing held before the Sex Offender Registry Board. Client’s classification reduced after hearing from a level 3 to a level 2 classification.
  • Presented case of a client being detained at the Massachusetts Treatment Center to the Sex Offender Registry Board, at his classification hearing.

Sexually Dangerous Persons (SDP) Panel

  • Represented a client in a sexually dangerous person proceeding that is going to jury trial in Suffolk County Superior Court.