My clients are not left alone to deal with the authorities.

What My Clients Are Saying

A Lawyer’s Lawyer

I have had many lawyers in my time and attorney Shane Surrette was the most understanding, nonjudgmental and comprehensive of them all. A case like mine (sex crime) and all of the relating laws can be very complicated. I was arrested in 1991, and I have been paying for this since. I was working out at a local karate school when I was arrested for not registering this as my place of employment, and I was now facing two and half years in prison plus fines for this insane accusation. Remember, I was only working out, I was in no way employed by this school. Attorney Surrette not only made the time to see immediately, he also completely knew what I was up against. He made me feel comfortable. His straightforward nature made me trust him, which turned out to the best thing I did. He handled my case with great success. It has been a long time since I have been able to walk out of a courtroom with my head held high with a feeling of victory. I fully and with confidence recommend Shane Surrette for those who truly need a fighter and a lawyer who can teach a lawyer how it does. Thanks, Shane.

– David

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With An Injury

Mr. Shane Surrette was everything I could ask for. It’s never easy dealing with the court system and he did a wonderful job informing me of all the circumstances with my case. In the end, he did a wonderful job of proving my innocence and getting my case dismissed.

– Joshua

The Best Defense/Trial Attorney

I hired attorney Surrette after finding out about him through a few friends and another attorney. Really good guy, got me the best results on my case, and took the time to explain the details to me. I would definitely hire him again, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good defense attorney who isn’t afraid to go to trial.

– anonymous

Great Decision

Shane was recommended by a mutual friend, and I am happy I took that recommendation. My vehicle was wrongly identified as being involved in a hit-and-run accident. I made matters worse by sending the summons to the wrong location, and missed the date to request a hearing and instead receiving a summons to criminal court. I consulted with Shane, where he explained everything that had gone on to that point and what could happen at the hearing. I hired Shane during that first conversation. On the date of the hearing, Shane explained to me exactly what to do and where to go and exactly what would happen when we were called. Once called, Shane explained the error I had made with the ticket, and asked to have this moved back to the magistrate, to which the judge agreed. In front of the magistrate, Shane questioned the police officer about the ticket, pointing out that at no time was I identified as being in any vehicle anywhere near the hit-and-run. Shane requested the magistrate dismiss the case due to lack of evidence, which is what was done. I found Shane to be VERY thorough and detail-oriented. He was very professional at all times, and conducted himself with ease in the courtroom. As this was a first experience for me, I had no idea what to expect. Shane always kept me up to date, and I always felt I understood what was going on and why he was making the recommendations he was making. I hope I never have the need again, but I would hire Shane in an instant if I did need it.

– Dana

Great Experience

I retained Mr. Surrette a few months back. So far he has been straight with me, doesn’t lie and overpromise results to me, and he is aggressive in getting me what I want. He seems to be well respected when we go to court which is a good sign. I am real happy so far. He was highly recommended by a buddy of mine.

– anonymous