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The Skillful Representation You Need After A Drunk Driving Arrest

Drunk driving is one of the most common crimes in the United States, in part, because it can happen by accident. People who would never consciously violate the law can find themselves facing OUI/DUI/DWI charges because they misjudged their level of impairment. If you’ve been charged with a drunk driving offense, don’t let a bad decision or mistake define the rest of your life. Instead, address your charges head-on with the help of the Law Office of Shane W. Surrette.

My name is Shane Surrette, an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience trying hundreds of OUI cases in Worcester County. I have extensive knowledge about and experience with breathalyzer testing, field sobriety testing and other procedures the police do not want you to know about. I can help you with all aspects of your drunk driving case, including regaining your license after an OUI arrest.

Understand The Risks You Are Facing

Being arrested for OUI in Massachusetts is extremely serious. An OUI arrest can have far-reaching consequences that can affect you for the rest of your life. Massachusetts drunk driving penalties are among the toughest in the United States. A person who is faced with drunk driving charges is subject to:

  • Loss of license
  • Jail time
  • Significant fines and penalties
  • Loss of employment
  • Embarrassment and personal strife

When you contact my office, I immediately set to work assessing your case, examining the evidence and determining your full list of legal options. I will take the time to discuss each option with you, including its likely outcome. Together, we will choose the strategy that best meets your needs and goals.

Can You Contest Charges After Failing Tests?

You may assume you need to plead guilty because you failed a breathalyzer test and/or performed poorly on field sobriety tests. This is never a decision you should make without first consulting an attorney. It may be possible to successfully challenge evidence that seems irrefutable. Some common defenses include:

  • Questioning whether the police officer had a legal reason to pull you over
  • Showing that the officer made mistakes or deviated from protocol when administering tests
  • Arguing that the test results were inaccurate due to human error or improperly calibrated machines

Prosecutors want you to plead guilty and they will claim that your case is open-and-shut. Don’t take their word for it – call me instead.

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