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In general, Article 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights allows the police to enter a home in four circumstances.  These circumstances include:

  • A judicical warrant supported by probable cause;
  • Probable cause plus exigency, such as hot pursuit of a violent suspect trying to escape;
  • Under the emergency aid doctrine, where the police have an objectively reasonable basis to believe that there may be someone inside who is injured or in imminent danger of physical harm;
  • The voluntary consent of a person with common authority over the home.

Commonwealth v. Porter P., 456 Mass. 254, 270 (2010).  If you find yourself faced with a crime after a search of your home contact the Worcester MA Attorneys who can help you.  Contact Shane W. Surrette, Worcester, MA Attorneys at 774-479-3005 or at [email protected] today.