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If you are charged with a crime against another, and the alleged victim seeks a restraining order against you as well, the consequences of having the restraining order can be just as severe as the underlying criminal charge.  For instance, if you are married and your spouse has a restraining order against you, you could be ordered to stay away from your residence, and not have any contact with your spouse or your children.

Similarly, if you are unable to have any contact with your spouse, there may be issues pertaining to filing tax returns, paying bills, as well as, having access to money.  Also, if you are unable to have any contact with your spouse and you must stay away from your residence, what do you do if you are waiting for important mail that could impact employment?

Consider further that if the court determines that there is a substantial likelihood of immediate danger of abuse, you must surrender all guns, ammunition, gun licenses, and FID cards, and any such licenses or cards are suspended immediately.  This will obviously have a huge impact on you, if your job requires you to carry a firearm.

The above-mentioned consequences are just a few considerations if you are facing a restraining order as part of a criminal case.  As a result, if you find yourself in such a position, contact a criminal attorney who will advocate for you and your livelihood.

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