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If you drive a motor vehicle on a public way after consuming any amount of alcohol, and you are stopped by the police, you face the potential for a DUI charge.  For instance, even though DUI is commonly thought of as drunk driving, the jury instructions indicate that if the operator has a reduced alertness, judgment, and ability to respond promptly, then the jury is warranted in finding the under the influence element of the charge.

Obviously, alcohol affects people differently, and a certain amount that may reduce one person’s alertness, and judgment, may not have the same impact on another person.  With this in mind, during a DUI stop, the police will look for certain clues to see if they can ascertain whether the driver’s self-control and reflexes have been reduced.

The police will look to see if the vehicle was swerving, whether or not the driver can produce the license and registration without difficulty, as well as how the person was able to exit the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests.  These will all be factors in the officer’s decision to arrest for DUI, and are just a few of the considerations applicable in a DUI case.

As a result, if you or someone you know is facing such a charge, search for those DUI Attorneys who will fight for you and your rights.  Don’t hesitate, call today.

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