Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense is one of the most serious and life changing experiences anyone can face. The most important decision to be made at such a time is who to hire as a criminal defense attorney. When making your selection, here are a couple of thoughts to keep in mind.

First of all, just because someone has been around for many years, doesn’t mean that they are going to fight hard for or do the best job for you. Often times, younger attorneys are hungry to succeed and are going to fight the hardest on an individual case. As a result, it is important not to necessarily equate knowledge with age and years as a member of the bar.

Secondly, although many attorneys will claim that they will aggressively fight for you, and that they are experienced trial attorneys, don’t just focus on self-serving claims from those with obvious financial interests. Look at the cases the attorney has handled on their website, and see if those cases adequately reflect a variety of criminal matters, and not just limited exposure to criminal defense.

Finally, if you are in court, observe the proceedings and see if the attorneys in the room pass the eye test. Performance in the courtroom doesn’t lie, so if you see an attorney who handles him/herself in a manner that you think fits what you are looking for in a criminal defense attorney, that person is probably the attorney for you. As with anything else, you have to be comfortable with your attorney and your attorney has to believe in you and your case.For more information, contact criminal defense attorney Shane W. Surrette.

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