What Police Look for When Stopping for OUI, by Worcester DUI Attorney

What the Police are Looking for When You are Stopped for OUI

When you are stopped after consuming any amount of alcohol, you are undoubtedly going to be nervous. You will begin to wonder what the police officer is looking for in making a decision to arrest for OUI. What you may not consider is that the officer has already made crucial observations about your operation of the motor vehicle, according to Worcester dui attorney Shane W. Surrette.

For example, if it is reported that you were speeding, and that was the only basis of the stop, such a simple reason to stop the vehicle provides a significant amount of Operating Under the Influence information. Consider, for instance, the situation where the officer has been following a motor vehicle for one-half mile, and he stops the vehicle for excessive speed only.

We now can infer, and the officer will have to agree that the motor vehicle stayed within its lane of travel, the vehicle never swerved, it didn’t enter the breakdown lane, and it didn’t come close to hitting anything. Similarly, the vehicle clearly stopped at an appropriate time, otherwise there would likely be a charge for failure to stop for police.

Furthermore, the officer will be looking for how you turn to the side of the road in making a decision to arrest for OUI. For example, did the vehicle abruptly stop with the operator slamming on the brakes, and did the vehicle stop at an angle or straight off the side of the road. The main question at this stage of the vehicle stop is, “whether there was anything unusual about the way the vehicle stopped on the side of the road.

As a result, before the officer ever has a conversation with a motor vehicle operator who is driving after consuming any amount of alcohol, he/she has already made numerous observations which will impact an OUI decision.

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