When Facing Drug Charges-What to Do, by Worcester Criminal Lawyer

Worcester County Firefighter Charged With Theft of a Drug and

Obtaining Drugs by Fraud

A Princeton, Massachusetts firefighter was arraigned the other day in Worcester Central District Court on one count of larceny of a drug, and one count of obtaining drugs by fraud. Any Worcester area citizen has to be concerned where such a person in a position of power and trust is charged in such a manner. What is important to remember, however, is that the firefighter is innocent until proven guilty, according to Worcester criminal lawyer Shane W. Surrette.

The idea of innocence until being proven guilty is often dispelled with in society today, as we often adopt sensational allegations and leave it up to the person being charged to disprove the allegations.  While larceny of a drug and obtaining drugs by fraud are serious charges, as are any drug offenses, we as a society must remain vigilant not to condemn those charged with criminal offenses, and we must allow the court process to take its course.

As drug offenses can affect any segment of the population, as the Princeton case highlights, if you or someone you love is faced with possessing, stealing, or intending to distribute drugs, don’t go at it alone. Contact an experienced criminal lawyer who has tried drug cases in both the Superior and District Courts.

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