Drug Crime Attorney-Dedham, MA

Drug crimes carry many collateral consequences beyond the courtroom.  For instance, drug crimes can result in:

  • Deportation for non-citizens;
  • Eviction from housing;
  • Loss of employment.

If you or someoe you know is charged with a drug crime, contact a drug crime attorney who will work with you to eliminate the collateral consequences.  Contact Attroney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at shane@swslawoffice.com today.

OUI Lawyer-Norfolk County-MA

If you are stopped under suspicion of OUI in Massachusetts, the police will typically request that you perform three standard field sobriety tests.  Field soriety tests measure one’s ability to do two things at once, such as maintain balance and follow instruction.  Common factors beyond impairment that contribute to poor performance on these tests, include:

  • Obesity;
  • Age;
  • Medical conditions and injuries;
  • Poor-coordination.

If you are charged with OUI, it is important to have an OUI Lawyer with you that can discern if the field sobriety tests were properly adminstered.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at shane@swslawoffice.com today.

OUI Lawyer-Dedham, MA

If you are arrested under suspicion of OUI you will likely be afforded the opportunity to take a breathalyzer test.  The Mass. Supreme Judicial Court will soon be deciding in relation to the breathalyzer test whether:

  • The decision to take the breath test is a critical stage of the proceedings;
  • The accused should be advised that she has the right to counsel;
  • A phone call to an attorney should be allowed prior to the breath test.

Whether you elect to take a breathalyzer test or not, it is important to retain an OUI Lawyer who can assist you through the legal process.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at shane@swslawoffice.com today.

Drunk Driving Lawyer-Canton, MA

The Commonwealth does not have to prove that someone is drunk to get a conviction for drunk driving.  Even though commonly referred to as drunk driving, the charge is actually operating under the influence of alcohol.  Under the influence has been defined as the consumption of enough alcohol to reduce one’s:

  • Alertness;
  • Judgment; &
  • Ability to respond promptly.

The amount of alcohol necessary to accomplish this varies from person to person.  As a result, if you find yourself facing such a charge, contact a drunk driving lawyer with the experience to help you.  Contact Attorney Shane W. Surrette at (774) 364-4605 or at shane@swslawoffice.com today.

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