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Is Buzzed Driving Drunk Driving?

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Firm News

Is buzzed driving drunk driving?  This is a common question I am faced with regularly, both personally and professionally.  The simple answer to this question is yes, buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Many people will be at a party and consume a few alcoholic beverages.  Because they don’t feel “drunk,” they believe it is still okay to get behind the wheel and drive.  However, this is not the case.  Even if you are slightly impaired you could be found guilty of OUI. The standard under MA law is whether you consume enough alcohol to reduce your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The amount can be different for everyone.

Importantly, you can still be arrested and charged with OUI if you are driving while “buzzed.”  Nowadays, there are many resources available to be able to get yourself home safely.  If you consume any amount of alcohol, make sure you make arrangements to either stay overnight where you are, or for someone else who is sober to get you home.

However, if you do find yourself arrested and charged with OUI in the state of Massachusetts, be sure to reach out to experienced Worcester OUI trial attorney Shane W. Surrette immediately.