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Carrying a Firearm Without a License

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Firm News

Carrying a firearm outside of your home or work without a license carries a significant penalty in Massachusetts.  The charge mandates a minimum mandatory sentence of 18 months to the House of Correction.  This sentence cannot be suspended or reduced to less than 18 months.

Until recently, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts didn’t have to prove lack of licensure in its case at trial.  The law in this area has changed and now the government must prove lack of licensure in its case in chief.  The law is still unsettled at this time as to how the Commonwealth must prove that the accused lacks a proper firearm license.  This will likely be up for debate before the appellate courts in MA.

If you or someone you know is charged with carrying a firearm without a license, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney with experience in this area.  Contact Worcester criminal defense Attorney Shane W. Surrette today.