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Drug Trafficking: Fentanyl Possession in Massachusetts

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Firm News

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that can carry stiff penalties.  If you are charged with drug trafficking, it is critical that you seek proper legal representation immediately.  By working with an experienced criminal defense trial attorney, your chances of a fair outcome increase immensely.

Drug trafficking, which is defined as knowingly possessing a certain amount of an illegal substance with the intent to distribute that substance, is a very serious crime in the state of Massachusetts.  If you are found guilty of this crime, you will face serious consequences, such as mandatory state prison time.

The penalties for drug trafficking depend on the type of substance and the weight of that substance found on the individual.  One substance that is increasingly problematic is fentanyl.  Because fentanyl is such a potent drug, you can be charged with drug trafficking if you are found with 10 grams or more on your person.  If found guilty of trafficking, you are looking at a minimum mandatory sentence, which at this time is 3 ½ years.

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best option when faced with such a charge. Attorney Shane W. Surrette will look at the facts and determine next steps to get the best resolution possible.

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