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In order to be admitted in evidence at a criminal trial in Massachusetts, the statements of an accused must be voluntarily given.  There are certain factors that the courts will look at in determining the voluntariness of a statement.  These include:

  • Promises or other inducements;
  • Conduct and condition of the defendant;
  • Defendant’s age, education, intelligence and emotional stability; &
  • The defendant’s experience with the criminal justice system.

Commonwealth v. Mandile, 397 Mass. 410, 413 (1986).  If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges and have made statements to the police, contact a criminal defense lawyer who can review those statements with you to see if they pass the test of voluntariness.  Contact Criminal Defense Attorney-Worcester, MA, Shane W. Surrette at 774-479-3005 or at [email protected] today.